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About Lianne

Lianne Dunsmuir is a Registered Nurse and has over 15 years experience; including 6 years as a trainer specialising in Restalyne/Dysport.

Lianne has worked with many of the top plastic surgeons in the public sector. She has an extensive background in burns, plastics and has previously worked as a Paediatric Nurse Coordinator. She has worked at Auckland hospital, Middlemore hospital and in the Middle East!

Lianne has almost 9 years experience specialised in Appearance Medicine. She is also a Nurse Manager and Appearance Medicine Nurse at Personal Image in Auckland City.


Initial consults with Lianne are free, she will answer any questions/concerns you may have (from costing and how long you can expect a treatment to last).

Lianne visits us in salon on a regular basis. Bookings are essential.

To book call us on (09) 2369 413 or email us on 

Or you can check out our Facebook page for available dates and times Lianne will be visiting.

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